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Discover the story of the life and career of Horacio Pagani, the man who turned Supercars into Hypercars See the Pagani Zonda Collection – five of the most remarkable Italian Hypercars ever made ...


Italian Hypercar Atelier to takeover iconic location for one week, beginning on November 1, 2019.   It’s been 20 years since Horacio Pagani revealed his first hypercar to the world. The ground-...

Huayra Roadster BC unveiled in world premiere in Z...

San Cesario Sul Panaro, July 31, 2019 – Pagani Automobili is pleased to announce the world premiere unveiling of the latest creation of the Atelier, the Huayra Roadster BC, within Zynga’s CSR ...


  ?A completely new Roadster creature A tribute to scientific research, beauty and uniqueness An unprecedented, technical challenge Carbo-Triax HP62 and Carbo-Titanium HP62 G2 specific monocoqu...


Johannesburg, South Africa, January 31st 2019. ?The Italian luxury manufacturer Pagani Automobili and its partner Daytona (Pty) Ltd are proud to announce that a new Pagani showroom has been opened in...

Pagani Automobili at Pebble Beach 2018

– Pagani celebrates new showroom in Beverly Hills – Pagani displays highly customized Huayra Roadster example at The Quail – A Motorsports Gathering – Pagani and Airbus Corpora...

Pagani Automobili announces the Honoris Causa Degr...

Pagani Automobili announces the Honoris Causa Degree in Vehicle Engineering to Horacio Pagani Pagani Automobili is pleased to announce the awarding of the Honoris Causa Master Degree to its Founder an...

Dainese and Pagani Automobili develop sophisticate...

Vicenza, March 2nd, 2018. Dainese and Pagani Automobili work together to give life to a firstrate product. Dainese made its R&D department available to the Modenese Atelier, with the aim of identi...

Pagani Automobili with record year

– Pagani Automobili brings two unique vehicles to 2018 Geneva Auto Show. – Huayra Roadster Production ramps up. – 2017 marks the company’s strongest year in its history.   Ge...

Pagani Automobili inaugurates the new Atelier and ...

San Cesario Sul Panaro, 13th December 2017 – Pagani Automobili officially opens its new ?Atelier and the Horacio Pagani Museum, which runs through the steps of the Argentinian designer through ...
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  • Discover the story of the life and career of Horacio Pagani, the man who turned Supercars into Hypercars
  • See the Pagani Zonda Collection – five of the most remarkable Italian Hypercars ever made – and the brand-new Pagani Huayra Roadster BC
  • Witness these automotive landmarks within the grandeur of Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Terminal
  • Display open to the?public November 5th – 8th from 10AM-7PM each day


New York – 5th November 2019. In the city where dreams come true, Horacio Pagani – Founder and Chief Designer of Pagani Automobili recounted the story of the dream he had as a little boy in Argentina – to create the most impeccably designed Supercars ever built.


Early in his life he became a firm believer in Leonardo DaVinci’s principle that Art and Science can go hand-in-hand. This belief has led him on a path to the Motor Valley in Modena, Italy and to a philosophy that he and his team still follow today.


Pagani. The Story of a Dream” is a remarkable opportunity for North American car enthusiasts, especially New York inhabitants and the 750,000 people who pass through the city’s Grand Central Terminal every day, to see some of the rarest Hypercars in the world. November 5th – 8th from 10am – 7pm, the collection will be open to the public.

Grand Central Terminal, a globally recognized transportation hub with timeless design and beauty, is an iconic location where many immigrants arrived and began their American Dream.? As there are significant parallels between their journeys and mine, I am honored to tell my story here,” said Horacio Pagani. “I hope New York City residents and visitors passing though will enjoy seeing my work and learning about how the commitment to sacrifice, hard work and passion can help anyone realize their dream.


Pagani. The Story of a Dream” is presented by tire manufacturer Pirelli, a partner of Pagani Automobili for more than a decade. The relationship between Pagani and Pirelli began in 2008 and has since shared a number of important milestones: from the first record set with the Zonda R at the Nurburgring in 2010 on Pirelli P Zero tires to the development of the Formula One modeling process of the P Zero Trofeo R tires for the new Roadster BC.


In order to achieve the best performance and the highest standard of safety, Pirelli conceives and designs each tire with a specific car in mind.? This Perfect Fit strategy is well aligned with Pagani who tailor makes each car for a specific client.


“We are very proud to be a partner of Pagani in this unique event, in one of the most iconic spots in the world” – said Marco Crola, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Pirelli North America, Inc.”Working with Pagani is a real pleasure for us. Every day, with his dream cars, Horacio presents us with highly advanced challenges and pushes us to achieve ever higher technological goals. So, I’d like to thank Horacio for not only having us as the presenting sponsor of this incredible event, but also for challenging us to reach the peak every day”.


On display is the very first chassis ever released by Pagani Automobili: Zonda 001, which earlier this year was meticulously reconstructed using original materials as part of Pagani’s Rinascimento Program. Additionally, the four other cars of the Pagani Zonda Collection which have been touring the world for the celebration are also gracing Grand Central’s Vanderbilt Hall. Rounding out the exhibition is the Roadster BC – the latest creation from Pagani, which was officially unveiled during this year’s Monterey Car Week. This model is the culmination of many years leading the field in lightweight composite materials to create a Roadster that actually weighs less than its coupe counterpart. With individual cars valued as high as $18 million, this exhibit offers auto enthusiasts a rare opportunity to see these unique works of art.



The Pagani Collection includes the following:


Zonda 001

The very first Pagani production car, it was unveiled at the 1999 Geneva Auto Show and recently underwent a complete rebuild to bring it back to concours condition. It features the now classic Pagani carbon fiber monocoque and 450hp Mercedes-Benz AMG engine.


Zonda F????

Dedicated to Horacio Pagani’s mentor, Juan Manuel Fangio, the car was built to create a lighter, safer hypercar, shedding 110 lb. As the lightest hypercar in its class, the Zonda F set a Nürburgring record in 2007 with its 602hp AMG V12 engine.


Zonda R

Developed in 2006 as the ultimate track car, only ten examples were built after the car was unveiled in 2009. Using cutting edge F1 and aerospace technology, the car set another Nürburgring record in 2011 and held the Top Gear track record for several years thanks in part to its 750hp dry-sump AMG V12 engine.


Zonda Cinque

Only five examples of perhaps the most beloved Pagani Zonda road car were ever built, combining elements of the Zonda F and R to originally satisfy a special request from a Hong Kong customer. It was the first road car to use a special ultra-reinforced, Pagani-developed carbo-titanium chassis, which was the lightest, strongest and most aerodynamic body ever produced by the factory.


Zonda HP Barchetta

Designed by and for Horacio Pagani himself as the first of a series of three cars, the more refined model was the work of the special Uno-di-Uno division, which builds tailor-made cars. This car has no roof and offers a different driving experience. It also adopted iconic elements from other models, such as the Cinque’s roof scoop and high-strength chassis. It is a true work of art.


Huayra Roadster BC

Unveiled during the 2019 Monterey Car Week and boasting 800hp from its 6.0L AMG V12 engine, this 2,685 lb lightweight composite Roadster weighs less than its coupe counterpart and features the very latest technology and distinctive Pagani design.



Italian Hypercar Atelier to takeover iconic location for one week, beginning on November 1, 2019.


It’s been 20 years since Horacio Pagani revealed his first hypercar to the world. The ground-breaking Zonda sent pulses racing as quickly as it set lap records. It still has the ability to stop traffic and is setting new records as a collectible asset.


Although the Pagani Zonda was never sold to the USA, it became the benchmark for all hypercars that followed. Designed according to the foundations of Pagani’s design philosophy, the Zonda is where art and science meet –?it was inspired by everything from Leonardo Da Vinci to Endurance Racing Sports Prototypes.


“As part of Pagani’s worldwide Zonda 20th Anniversary celebrations, the Zonda Collection was always coming to America. When faced with the task of finding a suitable location for such a prestigious display, we performed an extensive search of the country’s most iconic venues to find one that represented the same spirit of engineering, ingenuity and passion that went into the first 20 years of the Zonda,” said Michael Staskin, CEO, Pagani Automobili America. “What we found was Grand Central Terminal, a globally recognized hub of transportation, iconic history, timeless design and passion in one of the world’s greatest cities, New York.”


With more than 750,000 people passing through Grand Central Terminal every day, its Vanderbilt Hall is the ideal location for the Pagani Zonda 20th Anniversary Collection to be displayed. And while cars have been placed there before, this celebration marks only the second time in its history that the Terminal will house multiple vehicles of such significance.

From November 1-8, the Zonda Collection can be viewed by members of the public visiting or passing through Vanderbilt Hall within Grand Central Terminal. There will also be a number of innovative public and private?micro events throughout the week organized for invited VIP guests, the media as well as official Pagani dealers and their clients.


Visitors and guests will be able to view the collection of five iconic Zondas, which include the following:


Zonda 001?

The very first Pagani production car. This model recently underwent a complete restoration of the very first chassis, used for the homologation and crash tests of the Zonda. It now bears the same configuration of the first Zonda presented in 1999 at the Geneva Motor Show. The meticulous artisanal work was carried out on the mechanics of the car, the electronic systems and, in fact, on just about every component of the car to recover the authentic look and functionality. It also features the now classic Pagani carbon fiber monocoque and 450hp Mercedes-Benz AMG engine.??????????????????


Zonda F?????

Dedicated to Horacio Pagani’s mentor and friend, Juan Manuel Fangio, the car was built to create a lighter, safer hypercar, shedding 110 lbs while adopting new carbo-ceramic brakes and a titanium and inconel exhaust with ceramic coating. As the lightest hypercar in its class, the Zonda F set a lap record at the famous Nürburgring racetrack in 2007 with its 650hp AMG V12 engine.


Zonda R

Developed as the ultimate track car, only ten examples were built after the car was unveiled in 2009. Using cutting edge F1 and aerospace technology, this 2360 lbs car set another Nürburgring record in 2010 and still holds the Top Gear Dunsfold track record for the fastest road-car derived track vehicle, thanks in part to its 750hp dry-sump AMG V12 engine.


Zonda Cinque

Only five examples of perhaps the most extreme Pagani Zonda road car were ever built, combining elements of the Zonda F and R to originally satisfy a special request from a Hong Kong customer. It was the first Zonda to use a new Pagani invention, carbon-titanium, a special fiber purposely created for the Zonda Cinque, and eventually used in future Pagani models. The body was equipped with a longer front spoiler and newly designed rear wing to improve downforce, a central air intake feeding cold air to the engine increased the power allowing the car to speed over 215 mph.


Zonda HP Barchetta

Designed by and for Horacio Pagani himself as the first of a series of three cars, this more refined model was the work of the special Uno-di-Uno division, which builds tailor-made cars. Inspired by the great “barchetta” style racecars of the 50’s, like those in which the five time Formula 1 champion Juan Manuel Fangio competed, this car has no roof and offers a very different and immersive driving experience. It has also adopted iconic elements from other models, such as the Zonda Cinque’s central air intake and high-strength chassis.


With individual cars valued as high as $18 million, the Zonda Collection offers North American enthusiasts a rare opportunity to see these unique vehicles in the flesh before they move on to the next leg of their international tour.


To make this special event possible, Grand Central Terminal will take the unusual step of shutting down from 2-5AM on November 1, 2019. During this time, the five Zondas will be moved into Vanderbilt Hall in Grand Central Terminal.


The following evening, Pagani will hold an opening night reception for its clients to enjoy the exhibition. On November 3rd, the venue will host a media and influencer event, allowing private tours to take place. Company Founder & Chief Designer, Horacio Pagani will also be present for these activities. Additional special events are planned throughout the week while the Zonda Collection will continue to be available, free of charge, to the general public from 8am-6pm.


More details will be available as the special occasion approaches.


Visit for more information about the brand, and or for updates



Christopher Pagani –



Dan Ziegler –

Huayra Roadster BC unveiled in world premiere in Zynga’s CSR Racing 2

San Cesario Sul Panaro, July 31, 2019 – Pagani Automobili is pleased to announce the world premiere unveiling of the latest creation of the Atelier, the Huayra Roadster BC, within Zynga’s CSR Racing 2 (CSR2), the world’s most popular mobile drag racing game.


Pagani’s newest model, the result of a continuous and meticulous improvement work that sees the light after years of study and development. Roadster BC embodies the quintessence of Pagani Automobili’s artistic and scientific research, combined with an unprecedented research on every aspects of the design.

This is the first time ever Pagani unveils every detail of the new production car on a game platform. A special gift for the passionate players from all over the world, wishful to discover all the secrets of the newborn in San Cesario sul Panaro.
Michael Staskin, Managing Director of Pagani Automobili America, “When Horacio Pagani first began designing cars 44 years ago, it would have been impossible to imagine that a car like the Roadster BC would ever be unveiled to the world in a mobile game. We chose to partner with CSR2 on the reveal of the new Pagani hypercar because we are both leaders in our respective industries, we both show incredible attention to design and detail and we both continue to disrupt what is considered normal in the automotive industry.”

CSR2 is produced by Zynga, a global leader in interactive entertainment with a mission to connect the world through games. CSR2 will celebrate the Huayra Roadster BC with an 80 race ladder that players can enter using a Pagani Huayra Coupé, which will be gifted to all players of the game. During the event players have a chance to add the Pagani Huayra Roadster BC to their collection. As a final reward, players can win the Pagani Zonda HP Barchetta, to complete their Pagani collection. Using augmented reality, players can also park their Pagani cars in their real-world driveways and open every panel to study the details close up.?


CSR2 gives players the opportunity to drive rare and exquisite cars that most of us only experience in our dreams. Seeing the Pagani Huayra Roadster BC’s smooth and elegant racing on the streets of CSR2 is a triumphant amalgamation of science and art. We couldn’t be prouder to be Pagani Automobili’s chosen partner to unveil the Roadster BC to the public.” – Julian Widdows, Vice President of CSR2.


Huayra Roadster BC will officially debut in mid-August during the Monterey Car Week, in the United States, where it will be attending the important appointments of The Quail and Concept Lawn in Pebble Beach.



  • ?A completely new Roadster creature
  • A tribute to scientific research, beauty and uniqueness
  • An unprecedented, technical challenge
  • Carbo-Triax HP62 and Carbo-Titanium HP62 G2 specific monocoque formulas
  • To exceed the customer’s expectations: this is the mission behind the Roadster BC project
  • Production limited to 40 vehicles
  • Base price: 3,085,000 € + VAT
  • Top performance, more than 1.9 g of lateral force
  • A brand new engine: the Pagani V12, the beating heart of the Roadster BC
  • More than 800 hp & 1,050 Nm torque already at 2,000 rev/min
  • Uncompromising safety and comfort
  • Emotion, elegance and state-of-the-art technology in just 1,250 kg




A spontaneous, unstoppable emotion. A burning desire that led the Client to dream of a new work of art: another Pagani creation. This?is how, in 2017, the idea of the Huayra Roadster BC came to life. From a curious set of circumstances, a demanding research project?was launched with a meticulous, almost obsessive focus on details and design in order to create a highly distinctive, street-legal Pagani?hypercar that would combine the unparalleled sensations of driving a roadster with the most advanced technology available today.
Every effort made by the Pagani team, whose designers, engineers and master craftsmen work continuously to achieve the most extreme?levels of scientific research and uniqueness, was focused on the pursuit of an ideal: to exceed the customer’s expectations and repay his?absolute faith. This trial of unprecedented dedication was finally completed under the guidance and discipline of the ultimate polymath,?Horacio Pagani.

Each and every component of this hypercar is the result of scrupulous analysis and Team Pagani’s critical approach that is?specifically designed to constantly question every outcome and achievement. As the only way to guarantee true perfection is to never?fall too much in love with the successes attained, but rather being able to observe them with a critical eye.

All this effort was translated into innovation, invention and exploration of unexplored paths in order to break new ground, never follow car?trends and always seek to build truly timeless creations. This is the essence of the Roadster BC. Extreme, exuberant and shaped by?hand in line with the fundamental concepts of Leonardo da Vinci’s Art and Science, the cornerstones of Pagani Automobili’s creative?philosophy.
A road machine created with the latest technologies derived by Pagani Automobili’s track experience and in accordance with the?key concepts of Pagani’s DNA. In other words, an intuitive and easy-to-drive vehicle you can master after just a few miles and in?which you can enjoy a full open-top experience without affecting the performance.

From the aerodynamics to its exterior and interior design, and right down to its tiniest part, Roadster BC’s chemistry and combination of advanced?composite materials are unprecedented. Also, the elements that escape the eye of the expert have been optimized to offer?genuine emotions and reach new horizons on multiple fronts.
Like in a sophisticated watch, every single component of the Roadster BC is a concentration of Pagani Automobili’s ultimate design,? technology and engineering expertise encapsulated in just 1,250 kg (2,756 lbs).

Can one focus on extreme performance without compromising satisfying, smooth driveability? Can lightness and safety be fused with design?and elegance? The solutions lie in the agile and expert hands of those who believe that perfection and uniqueness can only be reached?through painstaking care, manual skill and craftsmanship.

Pagani aspires for perfection, creating the greatest hand-built cars with a true hymn to the Renaissance.

There is something that comes before absolute performance, speed, design and style.?That something is called safety and at Pagani Automobili, it is a mission.




The Roadster BC was designed to generate an aerodynamic load with a downforce target of 500 kg at 280 km/h (1,102 lbs at 174 mph) while maintaining a ground clearance that will allow passengers to enjoy driving at its finest, whether it’s on public roads or racetracks.
To achieve this the team focused on finding a balance between its internal air-flows system and its external aerodynamically-sleek silhouette?in all driving conditions. While the front has been developed to guarantee the heat exchange required for the Pagani V12?engine and simultaneously generate an effective downforce, the rear completes air extraction and keeps the vehicle’s pressure centre?constant and the wing becomes extremely effective even at average road speeds.

Besides, the active aerodynamics system combined with its dynamic suspensions enhances the car stability by adapting its aerodynamic
setup to suit specific driving requirements.?The Roadster BC offers you maximum control during a thrilling experience, especially when the new Titanium six-exhaust pipe system?starts to exalt the roar of the Pagani twelve-cylinder engine. For the first time in Pagani Automobili, this exhaust system features two?extra direct outlets from the catalytic converters to exploit the blown diffuser principle and generate further downforce.




The Roadster BC features new, exclusive composite technologies based on carbon fibre and carbon-titanium that offer an increase of?12% in torsional rigidity and 20% in flexional rigidity compared to Pagani Automobili’s state of the art technology till today.?This increase in the mechanical properties of the materials applied, in particular in the chassis torsional and flexional rigidity, also allows?its dynamic response to be augmented when driving, as well as its safety in critical conditions.

“Through intense scientific research for developing the Carbo-Triax HP62 and Carbon-Titanium HP62 G2 formulas,?we succeeded in achieving some extraordinary results that allowed us to reduce the weight of the vehicle considerably?and optimise mechanical features. Even so, when we presented these achievements to Horacio, along with the fact that?they involved a 450% increase in material costs, his reaction was, “the customer deserves even more!”

– Francesco Perini, Head of Concept & Composite Design.




“What is great about this working relationship is that we have the same attitude. We’re never satisfied with the status?quo as Horacio Pagani always puts what is normally taken as proven to the test. I think that, together, we have always?believed we could overcome even the most difficult challenge and attain ever-higher levels of perfection.”

– Tobias Moers, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

Know-how, tradition and over 125 years of technical history for Mercedes-Benz and 50 for AMG plus 20 years of close cooperation with?Pagani, a universe of knowledge for giving birth to the Pagani V12.?A completely new engine that boasts a level of power and elasticity that will glue drivers to their seat and leave its mark on their?shoulders. 800 hp and a torque of 1,050 NM already at 2,000 rpm, with one of the best weight-power ratios in the category. The Pagani?V12 features a set of innovations, including two new turbos, a revolutionary hydroformed manifold, twin throttle bodies and four water-?air intercoolers; all of this supported by a sophisticated electronic system designed by Bosch for making the maximum use of its potential.

Last, but not least, this jewel complies with the latest international carbon footprint and gas emission standards, including California’s
environmental regulations, without having to resort to a hybrid system.





This vast enterprise of technological research was also applied to the suspension unit that has always been a technical prodigy and a?source of pride for Pagani Automobili.

Roadster BC is trustworthy and exciting as it is the result of endless work on numerous elements: the rigidity of the chassis, the vehicle’s dynamics, the elasto-kinematics of the suspension and the lowering of its centre of gravity and weight, to name just a few. Having?explored, tested and perfected all these aspects, electronics were then added to further increase performance, stability and safety.? These improved electronics not only reduce dive, squat and roll effects intensely but take the control and safety of the vehicle to a new level. Plus, the system offers a great chance of exploring the entire vehicle’s mechanical platform, giving its best performance in extreme situations by facilitating the driving experience.




The Pagani by Xtrac transverse seven-speed sequential gearbox allows all the power and exceptional reactivity of the Pagani V12 to be?transferred to the road.
The flywheel-clutch unit consists of a triple-disc clutch, an electronically controlled differential and a racing-style three-way coupling?system. The complete transmission system is 35% lighter than a dual-clutch transmission unit.?This transversal structure not only helps save overall weight; it also allows polar inertia to drastically limit oversteering, typically?dangerous in mid-engine cars.




“Horacio always sets fascinating challenges. Every time we work together, we find ourselves facing new horizons?to push back. These are extremely useful stimuli for us as they allow us to experiment and develop new ideas with?an extraordinary partner. Pirelli’s DNA is founded on its innovation and its drive to surpass itself and achieve?technological excellence in every product. In fact, all Pagani projects bring something new.”?– Marco Tronchetti Provera, Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Pirelli.

The Pirelli PZero Trofeo R tyres, tailor-made for the Roadster BC, are the result of the close working relationship, partnership and passion that?Pirelli and Pagani have shared for the last decade.?Created in the Modular Integrated Robotized System, or “MIRS”, the Pirelli high-performance tyre department, the aim of the project?was to create a tyre that would combine high performance with the challenging specifications that Horacio Pagani and his Atelier’s latest creation had set: to transmit, above all, a sensation of total safety and control even for the least expert driver, regardless of weather and driving dynamics.
“In 10 years of working together with Pirelli, one of the goals we set ourselves was increasing what drivers felt when they?held the steering wheel. They had to feel as if their hands were resting on the road. And thanks to the skill and knowhow?of the Pirelli technicians this tyre is now so communicative you can actually feel when you are reaching its grip limit.?Let’s not forget, in fact, that on a bend with almost 2 g of lateral force everything happens extremely quickly.” – Horacio Pagani, Founder & Chief Designer at Pagani Automobili.

Remarkable results were achieved on a number of major test tracks, where the ultimate Pirelli tyres performed outstandingly: millimetric?precision in bends and an incredible grip allowing a lateral acceleration of 1.9 g during constant running, with peaks of 2.2 g, and a?longitudinal deceleration of 2.2 g.?The PZero Trofeo R is not only synonymous with superior performance, but it is also designed to have less rolling resistance which fosters driveability and comfort.
The rims developed together with APP are made of forged Avional alloy. With a lightweight manual finish 14-spoke design, they?express at a glance all Roadster BC’s character and elegance.




“Our cooperation with Horacio sets another milestone with the introduction of the Pagani Roadster BC. We are proud?to equip this new model with a state-of-the-art braking system, developed to provide not only the best performances in?terms of technology and safety but also with the specific aim of integrating with the design of this masterpiece.” – Matteo Tiraboschi, Brembo’s Executive Deputy Chairman.

The relationship between Brembo and Pagani has always been a story of mutual understanding focused on the development of safety,
technology, performance and lightweight design.?The Roadster BC is fitted with a Pagani by Brembo carbon-ceramic system measuring 398x36mm at the front with a 6-piston one-piece?caliper brake and 380x34mm at the rear with a 4-piston one-piece caliper. Once again, the most advanced technology hand-in-hand?with fascinating design.




Stepping into the Roadster BC is a sensory experience combining elements that tribute to the past legends of motorsports and Gran Turismo?with present and future features. Elegance and style are transmitted by materials like the carbo-wood and finely embossed leather, as well?as by mechanisms such as the racing style, four-point seatbelt and sophisticated accessories like the nine-channel audio system.




ENGINE:?Pagani V12 60° 36 valves 5,980 cc twin turbochargers, developed bespokely for?Pagani by Mercedes AMG

POWER:?590 kW at 5,900 RPM

TORQUE:?1,050 Nm from 2,000 to 5,600 RPM

TRANSMISSION: Rear-wheel drive

GEARBOX:?Xtrac 7 speed transversal AMT with electro-mechanical differential

BRAKES:?Brembo 4 ventilated CCM discs brake unit: Front 398×36 mm with 6 pistons?monolithic caliper; Rear 380×34 mm with 4 pistons monolithic caliper

WHEELS:?APP forged monolithic aluminum alloy: Front 20 inch; Rear 21 inch

TYRES:?Pirelli P Zero Trofeo R: Front 265/30 R20; Rear 355/25 R21

SUSPENSIONS:?Forged aluminium alloy independent double wishbone with helical springs?and electronically controlled shock absorbers

CHASSIS:?Pagani Carbo-Titanium HP62 G2 and Carbo-Triax HP62 monocoque with front?and rear tubular steel subframes




Pagani Automobili announces Pagani Open Day, scheduled for the 2nd of June 2019 in Monza. The celebrations for Zonda’s 20th Anniversary continue

– Pagani Open Day – Monza, 2nd June 2019

– Zonda Collection on tour

– Pagani Automobili at the Motor Valley Fest – Modena


San Cesario sul Panaro – 17th May 2019. Pagani Automobili is proud to announce the Pagani Open Day, scheduled to take place in Monza on the 2nd of June in front of a worldwide audience. Amongst the various attractions, many of the most exclusive Pagani hypercars ever created will be exhibited on the track. The historic Monza national circuit, also known as “the temple of speed”, will host what will be the greatest Pagani event ever. Gathered from every corner of the globe, dozens of models made at the brand’s Atelier will parade in front of fans and admirers, demonstrating the combination of technology and poetic form that dictates every step of the manufacturing process.

This unprecedented one-day event will allow the audience to join the Pagani Family in celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Zonda, the car that totally redefined the supercar concept.

On this special occasion, as a reward to its fans, Pagani is also promoting a worldwide contest that will allow the winner to enjoy a truly unique Pagani experience: an amazing hot lap of the Monza Eni Circuit in a Pagani hypercar and a meeting with the Pagani founder and Chief Designer, Horacio Pagani, himself.

Monza will also be one of the first stops in the Zonda Collection tour, an exhibition that will take the five iconic models that best represent the first 20 years of the Pagani Atelier all around the world this year.

The first stop on the tour is the Motor Valley Fest in Modena (16th-19th May 2019) where the cars will be displayed alongside other famous manufacturers from Italy’s “Motor Valley”. In Piazza Grande in Modena, the Zonda Collection will be exhibited along with the Huarya Roadster, Pagani’s latest creation. In the splendid setting of the Marzaglia racetrack, Pagani’s excellence can then be admired in action. On the 18th of May in the presence of Horacio Pagani himself, and the day after, with the Huayra Roadster on the track.

The Museo Horacio Pagani in San Cesario sul Panaro, the home of one of the most exclusive car collections in the world and a place where you can relive the story of the Pagani dream, will remain open for the entire duration of the event.


? The iconic Zonda C12, chassis number 001, at the Geneva International Motor Show
? A special US-spec Huayra Roadster on display
? 2018 as the new record year


Geneva, San Cesario Sul Panaro – 1st March 2019. Pagani Automobili announces the 20th Anniversary since the presentation of the Zonda C12 at the Geneva International Motor Show with the world premiere of the very first chassis of Zonda having been completely restored.
Plus, an extremely rare example of the Pagani Huayra Roadster with a special, unique finish to the carbon fibre body, on display at the 89th edition of the Show.


20 Years of Emotions


The 2019 motor show marks a very special moment in the history of Pagani Automobili. Twenty years have elapsed since that 1999 Geneva Auto Show when the world discovered a Zonda, the C12, for the very first time. A futuristic and revolutionary car in some respect, with the glass roof and the deep, curved screen, one had the impression of sitting in the pointy end of a fighter jet; purely designed to convey strong emotions from the very first moment it was encountered.
Immediately identified as a clear break from the automotive establishment at the time, so much so, as to deserve the new name of hypercar on purpose, the Pagani Zonda has easily become one of the most celebrated cars over the last 20 years. Each of its different variants being recognized with many important awards and setting speed records on some of the most challenging race circuits in the world.
The tale of this supercar is pure emotion: the project took shape in the late ‘90s; a time of critical economic changes and new global regulations. In such a scenario, several difficulties of a shrinking market play against the rise of new initiatives. Supporting heavy investments for the production of relatively few examples of a car was not only an extreme challenge, but also requires an act of courage. It is against this background that the Zonda was born from the fusion of nerve, sacrifice, and passion; this marks the beginning of the Pagani Automobili adventure in the automotive world, after 9 years of profound in-depth, innovative studies and refinement.
In the Modenese workshop, the painstaking manual skill of the Florentine, Renaissance-like craftsmen, combined with the technologies found only in F1 cars and space rockets. In Modena, the homeland of the most beloved sports cars of all time. Zonda is the first street-legal car made by the Modenese Atelier, a synthesis of the forefront of technology combined with the utmost care for detail, created with passion and, moreover, a radical new way of thinking about the design of a supercar.
Even today Zonda embodies the quintessence of Pagani Automobili’s core values: it combines emotion with functionality, art with science, at every step of the creation. Above all, Zonda tells the story between a young designer and the great Juan Manuel Fangio, a legendary Formula 1 World Champion, a great friend and mentor, fundamental in supporting the dreams of Horacio Pagani.
Horacio Pagani, Founder & Chief Designer: “Essentially, we are all car enthusiasts at Pagani Automobili. We just love all cars, but particularly those that nurtured our childhood dreams; that still inspire us and so will for the future designers. It is a known fact that we ourselves took inspiration from Le Mans’ vehicles of the ‘80s and ‘90s for the development of the Zonda which subsequently influenced the Huayra project; which, in turn, will do so with the next Pagani models. Today we pay homage to the Zonda, the car that allowed us to grow up, confirm our initial gambles and, above all, share our great passion with the whole world.”
Just 140 street legal examples in total since 1999. Each with its own soul, each like a bespoke suit stitched exclusively around the client’s own tastes. The ultimate rarity of these cars allows them to remarkably increase their value over time, turning out to be great investments. And with the goal of safeguarding this investment, Pagani has started the programmes Pagani Rinascimento and Pagani Puro; designed not only for restoring, certifying, and preserving the Pagani vehicle authenticity but also to enhance their value year after year. Last but not least, the two programmes provide warranty extensions.
In this spirit, the Pagani Atelier is born from the dream of a single man and his very few collaborators and partners. 20 years later it is a team of 177 enthusiasts and artisans, all pushed by that same passion; all together pursuing, with Huayra, the top exclusive production, tailoring real bespoke suits.






The Pagani Zonda C12, the first chassis ever created


Coming from the passion of a child, the Pagani Zonda C12 has been the first Pagani vehicle ever made by the Atelier of San Cesario sul Panaro. With a silver livery inspired by the Group C’s Silver Arrows of Mercedes Benz, it was first unveiled at the Geneva International Motor Show on the 9th March 1999 and shows an idea of a car that was completely out of the ordinary for the time.
This was not just another show car on display, but a fully homologated car with an incredible amount of miles driven and tested before being unveiled to the world. And once opened, the rear carbon fibre bonnet, the majestic V12 engine appears, bearing the Mercedes Benz mark and its star. The relationship with the German company has always been based on great collaboration and mutual respect; in 20 years, it brought the official supply of the V12 engines specifically designed and hand-build for Pagani.
Exactly 20 years after that day, the Atelier pays homage to the iconic supercar with the faithful restoration of the chassis n° 001, originally used for the homologation and crash tests; most of the original parts were recovered so as to restore the exact same configuration of the March 1999. Thanks to the Rinascimento Programme the car has now been brought back to its former glory; starting with the restoration of the existing parts, even the smallest of details has been renovated to pristine condition. It was also possible to rebuild the original components thanks to the precise specifications carefully stored in the Pagani archives, still kept today for every car that leaves the factory.
Now today, just as in 1999, the original configuration of the Zonda shows all the art and the engineering of the carbon fibre, as well as the beautiful combination of other advanced composite materials that on the C12 were used for the entire construction of the central monocoque and the body panels.
The tub and passenger cell, in fact, had already been recognized by 13 different patents before the unveiling and the use of composite materials in a project with such innovative aspects and processes, made this car one of the safest in the world. The laboratory of new technologies that was Pagani Automobili, kept pursuing this non-stop experimentation and development over the last 20 years, striving towards continuous improvements in terms of stiffness and lightness on all materials.
Chassis 001 is equipped with the prestigious and original Mercedes-Benz 6 litre V12 engine with an output of 450 hp, which in the early 2000s allowed to achieve excellent results in terms of performance and set lap records on some of the most important circuits of the world. The meticulous artisanal work was carried out on the mechanics of the car, on the electronic systems, and in fact on just about every component of the car to recover the authentic look and functionality. From the suspension, right down to the screws and bolts, as well as the rims, the wheel hubs, and the unmistakable four exhaust pipes that have become the brand’s signature: each element has been restored, identically, to the original configuration of the first Zonda ever presented.
In the livery of Puro Silver lives the spirit of a timeless wind and the interiors, inspired by past, present and future cultures, still keep their authentic essence. Restored to the letter, they will help making the Zonda C12 live the charm of the debut once more.


Huayra Roadster


On display at the 89th edition of the Geneva International Motor Show is also a unique example of Pagani Huayra Roadster, the current production car of the Atelier in Modena.
With fully exposed Blu Tricolore carbon fiber body in a matt finish and Bianco Malta white accents to enhance its outline: this is the colour combination proposed by the carbon-fiber craftsmen of Pagani Automobili for the Huayra Roadster on display, a true example of creative taste and attention to every detail.
The blue and white leather interior recalls the special features of the livery and bears witness to the continuous commitment of the company in creating unique products for its clients. With the delivery of more than half of the limited production of Huayra Roadster to the clients all over the world, the Modenese brand confirms 2018 as a record year with a 35% increase in turnover compared to the previous year, establishing itself more and more as an expanding global brand.
“In 2018 Pagani has been showing a strong growth of its distribution network globally, with two new showroom openings in Australia and Germany. For us, it is fundamental to be close to our clients in order to provide them with an always better service while preserving our exclusivity in each territory” – Horacio Pagani, Chief Designer.






Johannesburg, South Africa, January 31st 2019. ?The Italian luxury manufacturer Pagani Automobili and its partner Daytona (Pty) Ltd are proud to announce that a new Pagani showroom has been opened in Johannesburg South Africa.

The opening of this new brand center is an important step in bringing the Modenese Atelier experience closer to our customers in the region.

Located in Melrose Arch, Johannesburg, this showroom embodies Italian style and flair, featuring the handcrafted signature Pagani furniture and details.

While enjoying the best blend of Italian coffee, our customer will be able to configure their future Pagani vehicles. The latest state-of-the-art digital visualization tools combined with the smell and feel of the leather samples and the richness and depth of the colour swatches, will provide for an unforgettable configuration experience. The customer will be guided by the Pagani product experts at the dealership through the details of the Pagani products and the variety of options available.

Once the skilled artisans in San Cesario complete the construction of the Pagani vehicles, delivery ceremonies are held in this inspiring environment, as privileged owners receive their bespoke Pagani creatures; often years after placing their order.

In the brand new service center, equipped with the latest diagnostic and maintenance tools, the factory trained expert mechanics will make sure the Pagani vehicles in the region are kept up to date and in pristine condition;

ensuring owners enjoy the best service as they continue to enjoy the Pagani cars on the mesmerizing roads in South Africa.

South Africa will receive its first Pagani Huayra Roadster this year and hand it over to the fortunate owner. ?All allocations are sold out for the next two years.

Horacio Pagani, Founder and Chief Designer – Pagani Automobili SpA: ?“Opening this showroom is another milestone for Pagani. ?With Daytona we have found a perfect partner, that understands our philosophy and has created an amazing home for the brand in South Africa.

Having a strong brand presence in South Africa is an essential part of a healthy development plan for our brand, where the geographic expansion allows us to continuously improve the distribution of Pagani products, guaranteeing upmost exclusivity of the products for our clients.”

Justin Divaris, CEO – Daytona LTD: “Adding a brand like Pagani to our already impressive Daytona stable is a huge feather in our cap. It re-affirms our position as the ultimate luxury supercar dealer in the country.

To be awarded sole dealership of Pagani is an honour and we are 100% percent committed to living the brand philosophy.”

Pagani Automobili at Pebble Beach 2018

– Pagani celebrates new showroom in Beverly Hills

– Pagani displays highly customized Huayra Roadster example at The Quail – A Motorsports Gathering

– Pagani and Airbus Corporate Jets take partnership to new heights


Pebble Beach – 24th of August 2018


Following the spirit of bringing our Modenese Atelier closer to our customers, Pagani is proud to announce the opening of a new brand showroom in Beverly Hills.


Located at Robinson Boulevard, in the gorgeous background of Bel Air and West Hollywood, the brand new Pagani Showroom will offer an exceptional level of service to the most demanding automotive connoisseurs of this outstanding part of the world, by serving as a unique configuration and brand centre. ?Pagani Beverly Hills is the 2nd stand-alone Pagani dealer in the nation and represents a new chapter of the remarkable story of Pagani in the U.S. which has seen the company putting down roots in Connecticut, Miami, Dallas, Newport Beach and San Francisco.


Horacio Pagani, Founder and Chief Designer: “For us this new home in Beverly Hills is the crowning achievement of our long path, and it is fundamental to provide a better service to our affectionate clients of this region who share a deep passion and attachment to luxury brands. Most importantly, this represents a new significant milestone for our brand and for our presence in the country, which alone is currently covering the 40% of the Pagani global sales”.


The opening of the new showroom marked the starting point for the 5th edition of our North American customer gathering, the Pagani Raduno – The Drive, with a 1,000 miles covered in just a few days by our passionate customers, driving through some of the most breathtaking Californian landscapes.


The convoy will reach its destination at the 2018 edition of the exclusive The Quail – A Motorsports Gathering where a highly customized Huayra Roadster will occupy the centre stage, an exquisite example of the highest level of personalisation of the Pagani cars and named Gyrfalcon by its owner, to pay tribute to one of the fastest birds of prey.



Air is the overall theme of this year’s presence at the event, with Pagani elevating it’s partnership with Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ), showcasing for the first time the scale model of the ACJ319neo featuring the Infinito cabin. Together, Pagani and ACJ have created this unique cabin, the quintessence of the Pagani philosophy in a state-of-the-art aircraft: a distinctive style, seamlessly combined with unrivalled material technology.


To complete Pagani Automobili’s Pebble Beach car week schedule for 2018, on Saturday August 25th Pagani will be present at the parade of Exotics on Cannery Row as well as at the home of our technical partner Pirelli, to honor the passion that has been linking the two companies for the past 10 years in the relentlessly pursuit of higher technological records to break.




Entirely hand-built in the Atelier of San Cesario Sul Panaro, this car represents a fine example of extreme tailoring around the clients’ desires. Inspired by the elegance of the White Gyrfalcon, the largest falcon of its species, able to cover very long distances during its flights, the car recalls many of the features of this polymorphic bird. The archetypal colours of its plumage dominate the livery of the carbon fibre panels: Bianco Benny White and Blu Danubio Blue are the dominant colours, together with accents of bright yellow. The spectrum is completed with the special painting design of the front bonnet that recalls the bird’s very special beak. Other unique details of the upholstery have been extremely customized: a symbol of a Gyrfalcon is embroidered into the headrests, luggage, and doors and a dedicated plaque inside the car bears the inscription “Gyrfalcon”.


This car reflects the factory commitment to care even the most minute of details, crafting each one to perfection in order to cater our customers’ needs and taste. The shifter knob has been redesigned specifically to house a special gold Gyrfalcon coin.


These made-to-measure supercars are well-loved in North America, not only for their intense technology and beauty but also for the appreciation of passionate Italian craftsmanship that goes into making them.” says Horacio Pagani.

Pagani Automobili announces the Honoris Causa Degree in Vehicle Engineering to Horacio Pagani

Pagani Automobili announces the Honoris Causa Degree in Vehicle Engineering to Horacio Pagani
Pagani Automobili is pleased to announce the awarding of the Honoris Causa Master Degree to its Founder and Chief Designer Horacio Pagani.
After almost 20 years since the world debut of the iconic Zonda C12, the Atelier of San Cesario Sul Panaro is preparing to celebrate another key achievement gained by its Founder, the fruit of a long study and a great deal of teamwork.
The ceremony has taken place on June 19th at the “Enzo Ferrari” Faculty of Engineering of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia.
With the conferral of the honorary degree in Vehicle Engineering, the Emilian Atheneum did want to pay homage to the Argentine designer, the person who decided to link his name, and his professional and technological achievements to the Modenese territory, cradle and heart of what is today known as Motorvalley.
The celebration was held at the Modena Tecnopolo and was introduced by the Academic Procession, in the person of the Rector, Professor Angelo O. Andrisano, who first stated that the event was precisely taking place 30 years after the passing of Enzo Ferrari: “A man in the myth, who brought the name of Modena over the globe, whose name now is the name of our Department of Engineering. And it is not that difficult to find similarities between the story of Horacio Pagani and Enzo’s, who both achieved excellence, who both were driven by passion and perseverance.” The University Rector has also recalled the regal decree stating the value of the Honorary Degree which can only be awarded to “People who, due to their works or publications, gained fame for the profound expertise achieved in the subjects for which the Honoris Causa Degree is conceded”.

Rector’s greetings were followed by the speech of the Engineering Faculty Dean, Professor Alessandro Capra, who underlined the motivations of the award: “The prestigious career in designing and producing world-class supercars, the significant propensity to continuous research in engineering, in particular in composite materials, and the extraordinary economic and international positive impact are all elements that confirm the excellence of Horacio Pagani’s contribution.”

The Laudatio held by Professor Francesco Leali highlighted Horacio’s life and career key aspects, depicting a vivid visionary, a designer, and a producer, finding similarities with modern days students who are following his example by leaving the “virtual comforts” in order to create a project with their hands, something more uncomfortable but “fulfilling from an engineering point of view”.


A technician whose merits go far beyond mechanical engineering and composite material technology, of which he has been a visionary pioneer, inspired by that Reinassance concept fully developed in Leonardo Da Vinci’s thoughts and works, that he kept maniacally studying and loving.”

Thus Professor Leali announces Horacio Pagani’s Lectio Magistralis which, while reminding the stages of the long career, does not shrink from observing the profound love for those who have been supporting him along the way. The childhood friends, the family in Argentina, his beloved wife Cristina and sons Leonardo and Christopher; and more the colleagues of Lamborghini, among them Maurizio Ferrari, the partners Daimler and Mercedes-Benz, Bosch, and those who believed in the Zonda project and provided support for the launch of this revolutionary work. Then he thanked the Pagani Team, all the colleagues who share today his same passion, and finally the city of Modena, the place where the young designer long dreamt to come to because of its real automotive culture. “To me, reading the few magazines available in Argentina and seeing those beautiful cars, feeling that kind of connection to Italy, to the Italian design…that was something that made me dream and imagine… Probably that imagination went even far beyond reality.” These are Horacio Pagani’s words describing the birth of his dream, the desire to come closer to the land that today is awarding him Honoris Causa Degree in Vehicle Engineering.

Thanks to those magazines he will meet Leonardo Da Vinci, according to whom art and science can coexist peacefully, “walking hand in hand”.
From that time on he will turn this vision into the philosophy of each project and creation: “This vision allowed me to clearly feel the sensation, or better the need, to give an aesthetic purpose to objects, elements which normally have a merely function exclusively.” Each calculation, formula, geometry has to be bended to formal beauty and physical appearance: in this spirit projects like the Zonda and Huayra will come to life, where the attention to detail is evident in each carbon fiber panel and the interweaving of warp and weft becomes a claim to fame, a peculiarity to show on display.
An ode to tailored and sartorial works, to craftsmanship, together with the triumph of composite technologies, profoundly studied and developed in the Atelier of San Cesario Sul Panaro.

Key themes of the Lectio Magistralis have been teamwork and partnership with esteemed players, and a few important suggestions to younger generations: “When we come up against new obstacles we cannot give up: the obstacle is there for a reason. It is a source of energy! We only have to figure out how to climb it over.”

Dainese and Pagani Automobili develop sophisticated materials for the Huayra Roadster Soft Top

Vicenza, March 2nd, 2018. Dainese and Pagani Automobili work together to give life to a firstrate product. Dainese made its R&D department available to the Modenese Atelier, with the aim of identifying and creating the best possible materials for the fabric and structural parts for the soft top of the Huayra Roadster.


Sharing the know-how of these two Italian brands translated into developing sophisticated technical solutions on a par with cars such as the Pagani Huayra Roadster.


“Innovation is in Dainese DNA and the development of highly sophisticated technical solutions is the direct consequence of this,” says Cristiano Silei, Dainese Group CEO. “To give life to something valuable, and to do so in collaboration with a prestigious brand like Pagani Automobili, makes us proud yet again.”


Inspired by the first flying machine designed by Leonardo Da Vinci, the Ornitottero, the soft top is a combination of components in a Highly Elastic Carbon Fiber Modulus developed by Pagani, which is connected by means of aluminum and titanium billet joints that stretch the technical fabric developed by Dainese.


The Pagani Fabric and the structure are the result of a joint development by Dainese and Pagani, the two firms working together to achieve absolute perfection on both a technical and aesthetic level.

The Dainese extensive know-how in technical fabrics sector enabled the creation of an innovative material whose different layers, made of refined material and waterproof technology, were specifically developed by the company R&D dpt. The aim was to achieve the right balance between flexibility and resistance across every single zone.


Studied like an Origami, the soft top closes in on itself by following the folds of the structural members. This system ensures the durability of the fabric over time and reduces the amount of storage space needed in the car to a minimum. The new soft top on the Huayra Roadster offers both a comfortable driving experience and a one-of-a-kind look.


“Creating the emergency soft top for the Huayra Roadster was a real technical challenge,” confirms Horacio Pagani, Chief Designer at Pagani Automobili. “Our goal was to provide customers with a folding? roof solution, which could take up minimal space when stored in the car. The soft top was conceived as a lightweight, resistant tensioned structure, in which every single element contributes to carrying out the overall function through its tension.”

Pagani Automobili with record year

– Pagani Automobili brings two unique vehicles to 2018 Geneva Auto Show.

– Huayra Roadster Production ramps up.

– 2017 marks the company’s strongest year in its history.


Geneva, San Cesario – 23rd of February 2018. Pagani Automobili is bringing a US-spec Huayra Roadster as well as the Zonda HP Barchetta to the 2018 Edition of the Geneva International Auto Show. The two vehicles perfectly represent the achievements reached by the company in 2017, the strongest year in the history of the Modenese Atelier, with a 29% increase in turnover from 2016.


Huayra Roadster


The limited production run of only 100 Pagani Huayra Roadster is already sold out, and our skilled artisans are creating each individual example in our brand new atelier in San Cesario sul Panaro, combining, as always, Art and Science. We anticipate 2018 to be the busiest and the most rewarding year with the delivery of 40 new vehicles to their respective owners. Our customers started the amazing journey with the tailoring of their new Huayra Roadster to their precise taste and they will enjoy every moment of the building process until the delivery. The journey then gets even more exciting along their road. We bring a US spec Roadster to the show this year as a demonstration of our commitment in developing a global product, complying with the most stringent applicable standards”, says Horacio Pagani, Chief Designer of Pagani Automobili.

Pagani is known to give its customers the opportunity to express themselves with the customisation of their personal Pagani vehicle and the Huayra Roadster on display at 2018 Geneva Auto Show is an example of our customers’ finest creativity.


Zonda HP Barchetta


In August 2017 Pagani unveiled the Zonda HP Barchetta at Pebble Beach, Concours d’Elegance, a car that represents Horacio Pagani’s personal vision of the perfect Zonda. With this project Pagani confirmed once again its expertise in ?manufacturing bespoke creations, combining the craftsmanship of an artisan, keen to meet any customer’s desire, with the qualities of an automotive manufacturer, able to guarantee the conformity to the highest technical standards.





In 2017 Pagani launched the Rinascimento program, which aims at bringing an older Pagani vehicle back to its original glory with a conservative restoration, maintaining and refurbishing as many of the original components as possible. Not only will this guarantee the correct functionality of the vehicle for years to come, but this certified program guarantees also that the residual value of Pagani vehicles is preserved.


Horacio Pagani, Chief Designer, Pagani Automobili: “Taking care of our customers is priority. We do not have plans to expand our new-car production capacity beyond 40 units, but strive to offer more services to the loyal members of our Pagani family of customers and giving them all our attention.”


Increase in R&D investments


The Pagani Huayra BC has spearheaded the development of new technologies and composite materials, which have found their way also in the Huayra Roadster project, resulting in what is today the only Roadster which is lighter than the Coupé it is derived from.

Pagani is continuing to increase its Research & Development investments which have grown by 86% in 4 years.


Expansion of the Pagani network


In 2017 Pagani has established partnerships in Germany, South Africa, Republic of the Philippines and Southern California to better serve Pagani customers in these territories.

Hannes Zanon, Commercial Director: “The recent increase in production capacity and the expansion into new territories are part of a global growth plan, which aims at securing the future of our company while maintaining the exclusivity of Pagani vehicles in the respective market regions. Being close to the customer is key for our brand, and we are honoured to have partners all around the world who can ensure a customer to feel right at home in the Pagani showroom.”

Pagani Automobili inaugurates the new Atelier and the Museo Horacio Pagani

San Cesario Sul Panaro, 13th December 2017 – Pagani Automobili officially opens its new ?Atelier and the Horacio Pagani Museum, which runs through the steps of the Argentinian designer through a collection of his most legendary and exclusive creations. The ribbon cutting ceremony took place in the presence of the founder of Pagani Automobili, Horacio Pagani, local authorities, suppliers and partners.


A tribute to passion, dream and determination, a true inspiration, a tribute to automotive art, this is the experience of visiting the Museo Horacio Pagani and the Atelier Pagani Automobili.
Together with the very first Zonda models, dated 1998, we find the iconic Zonda Cinque, the Zonda R and the Huayra, unique models exhibited together for the first time in an exclusive collection, never seen before, accessible to visitors from all over the world.
The visit is a journey along the most important moments that marked Horacio’s path, from the first significant years in Argentina until today, and deeply explore the conditions that led a young boy to strongly believe in his ideals, pursuing them with passion and dedication, until the realization of his greatest dream: “come to Modena to design and build my own cars”.

A unique experience that starts from the Museum and ends inside the Atelier of production, where the visitor can clearly recognise the continuity that links the first balsa wood scale models – already the subject of the important research on lightness – to the latest studies on carbon fiber and composite materials, which interestingly pursue the same goal. From the first projects up to the Zonda, everything in the Museum highlights the great pioneering vision of the young designer who sees art and science walking together hand in hand. A philosophy that took inspiration from a concept of Leonardo Da Vinci and that today represents the soul of Pagani Automobili, where the unique craftmanship skills are tangible in every process and creation.


Made with the typical Italian materials, such as Carrara marble and antique bricks as a replica of the typical Modenese bricks, every architectural and stylistic detail of the new building was designed by Horacio Pagani and his team, where the fil rouge of the Renaissance highlights the perfect combination of arte and science, tradition and innovation. Starting from the first Horacio’s sketches, the architectural project was then totally developed by Leonardo Pagani.
Behind the Museum stands the Atelier of production, created using the same materials and architectural elements, with the aim to house the exclusive production of Pagani supercars. From the composite materials department to the body finishing laboratory, to the arches that house the making of special models and quality control, every architectural element has been conceived by combining the aesthetic aspect with a precise structural function.



Tradition and the most advanced technologies of the automotive industry are harmoniously coexisting together: the Pagani cars come to life in a typical Italian piazza, surrounded by Renaissance arches, street lamps, islands of vegetation, cobblestones floors. A clock placed on the tower on the side of the square tells the time at the ringing of a bell: Ecat, the company that took care of the construction, manufactures clocks and bells since 1404. The bricks are made with a special technology ad hoc created for Pagani. Materials such as wood, steel and glass are combined with warmer materials such as wood and bricks.


The orientation towards technological excellence, innovation and the increasing attention to environmental protection, find their fullest expression in the Museum and Atelier. The entire building is made with the latest generation technologies and materials, fully adapting to the latest energy efficiency standards. With the mission of enhancing the territory and reducing the environmental impact, were created a photovoltaic system, a water purification plant, a full led lighting system and an energy management system, which allows to monitor savings and consumption, only using renewable sources.

Horacio Pagani, Chief Designer Pagani Automobili – “Dreams and passion are the energy of our days. Since I was a child, in Argentina, I desired to come to Italy, to Modena where the most beautiful cars in the world were born. My dream allowed me to live the many obstacles as challenges to overcome, with determination, grit and efforts, and as opportunities for growth.”


The Museo Horacio Pagani is open Monday to Friday from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm and from 2:30 pm to 5:00 pm. Free open to visitors or together with the tour of the factory (only by booking with guided tour)
To book a factory visit, visit ?/ or send an e-mail to

Pagani Automobili invites you to the free Open Day on December 16th ?to visit the Horacio Pagani Museum!